Cycling at the Healthplex

Our indoor cycling classes focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days), and recovery that involve our Keiser Spin Bikes.

Our Keiser Spin Bikes feature Keiser's newest technology, including the M Series Computer, which gives accurate and precise information instantly and automatically. The Computer is a powerful teaching and programming tool. It can assist both you and your instructor by providing immediate feedback as well as the ability to track your ongoing improvement.

Class Schedule

For a complete listing of class dates and times, please visit our Group Fitness Schedules. For more information, please contact us at 610-328-8888.

Cycling Class Signup Policy

Cycling classes at The HealthplexIn an effort to provide a structured, fair attendance system a signup system will be implemented for all Spin Classes. Listed below are the specifics of the system:

  • The sign up sheet will be available at the front desk starting 30 minutes before the start time of the class and will be used for ALL classes.
  • The member must be present to sign up for the class. Members may not call in to sign up.
  • Members may only sign themselves up for the class. They may not sign up anyone else (friends, spouses, etc).
  • Sign up will only be allowed 30 minutes prior to the class. Members may not sign up for future classes including back to back classes.
  • The sign up sheet will go up to the spin room 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. At that point the sign up sheet will be controlled by the instructor.
  • Saving bikes with towels, water bottles or any other method will no longer be allowed.
  • The sign up sheet requires the member choose a specific bike. Unless another bike is available members will be required to use the bike they signed up for.
  • Taking back to back classes will only be allowed if there are available bikes at the start of the second class. This will be managed by the instructor.
  • Bikes will remain in a set order as established by the sign up sheet. Moving bikes out of their assigned space is not permitted.